• Chin augmentation

    Chin augmentation

    *Chin augmentation for men is common plastic surgery as it sharpens the man’s face...The beauty of the face comes mainly from youthfulness of the ch...

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  • Body lift

    Body lift

    *Body lift for men is a plastic surgery that aims for getting rid of excess flabbed skin and tightening of body skin due to excessive weight loss.

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  • Tummy Tuck

    Tummy Tuck

    *Tummy tuck is a plastic surgery for removing excess flabbed skin from abdomen and tightening the skin in it for better appearance.
    *Done for men a...

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  • Liposuction


    Liposuction is a surgical process that aims for getting rid of unwanted fats from any area in the deals with fats that do not respond to di...

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  • Arm lift

    Arm lift

    *Sometimes man need his arms to be tightened ..alot of men hates the appearance of excess flabbed fats in their arms.
    *Arms lift is a plastic surge...

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  • Hair transplant

    Hair transplant

    *Alot of men suffer from baldness..which may be due to:
    1-Genetic causes.
    2-Increase in male sex hormones.
    3-Mal nutrition.
    4-Bacterial of funga...

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  • Rhinoplasty


    *Plastic surgery is not always for cosmetic alot of cases it has medical importance..from these important surgery is Rhinoplasty..
    *8 be...

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  • Breast reduction

    Breast reduction

    *Gynecomastia is a condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men that can occur at any age. The condition can be the result of hormonal cha...

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